Connect to style

The Connect+ has been packed into a gorgeous silver metallic body, to help you connect with style as seamlessly as it helps you connect to the world. So, next time you’re with your friends don’t forget to flaunt your stylish new tablet!

Connect to technology!

Powered by the latest version of Android, the Connect+ is your best connection to technology and performance. Now, get the most of your apps such as TRUECALLER and all Google services that come pre-loaded in this fabulous 3G smartphone.

Connect to the power of two!

Prepare for the unforeseen with the dual SIM facility that the Connect+ offers. Manage your connections better and seamlessly switch between worlds with two connections on your device. With one SIM slot enabled for 3G, pick up your personal connection to power today.


Convenience and

  • v3.0 Bluetooth
  • 2.0 MP Rear camera
  • 0.3 MP Front camera
  • 3G/EVDOUSBDongle Support

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