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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the latest smartphones by Lava Mobiles?

Lava Mobiles currently offer smartphones under three categories, beginner, youth centric, and gaming smartphones. The Yuva series is our beginner range of smartphones. The Blaze smartphones focus on providing a balanced performance for youth buying their first smartphone, and the Agni series features the best gaming phones in their category.

Is Lava Mobiles an Indian smartphone brand?

Yes. Lava Mobiles is among the smartphone brands that are vocal for local and provide made in India phones. Lava Mobiles is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

What is the latest Android version supported by Lava Mobiles?

All latest smartphones from Lava Mobiles come with the latest Android operating system and support further OS and security updates as they become available.

What is the storage capacity of Lava Mobiles?

The storage capacity of Lava Mobiles depends on the variant you wish to buy. For example, the Lava Blaze 5G comes with UFS 128GB system memory which is expandable up to 1TB. On the other hand, the entry-level Yuva Pro comes with 32GB in-built storage which is expandable up to 512GB.

What are the important features to consider when buying a smartphone?

When buying a smartphone, some of the important features to consider include:

  • Display: Look for a display with high resolution, good viewing angles, and accurate colors, ideally 6.1” or larger in size.
  • Processor: A fast processor, like the MediaTek Octa-core processors, is important for smooth multitasking and running demanding apps and games.
  • Battery life: Consider the battery capacity and look for a phone with a long battery life, especially if you are someone who uses your phone frequently. The industry standard nowadays is around 5000mAh.
  • Camera: If you're interested in taking high-quality photos with your phone, consider the camera specs, including the number of megapixels, aperture size, and image stabilization. For example, most modern smartphones have at least 13 megapixel cameras.
  • Storage: Consider how much storage you'll need for your apps, photos, and other files. With app sizes going up, at least 32GB of onboard storage is a must have.
  • Operating System: Make sure the phone runs an operating system you're familiar with and that you like. For example, Android is the most popular mobile OS in India. It supports all the latest apps and games.
  • Price: Consider your budget and look for a phone that offers good value for money.
Agni 5GAgni 5G
Blaze 5G 8GBBlaze 5G 8GB
Blaze 1X 5GBlaze 1X 5G
Yuva 2 ProYuva 2 Pro
Agni 2Agni 2
Yuva 2Yuva 2
Blaze 2 ProBlaze 2 Pro
Blaze 2 5GBlaze 2 5G
Yuva 3 ProYuva 3 Pro
Blaze CurveBlaze Curve
Blaze 2Blaze 2
Yuva 3Yuva 3
Blaze Pro 5GBlaze Pro 5G
LZX409 EnterpriseLZX409 Enterprise
Yuva ProYuva Pro
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