Frequently Asked Questions

What types of mobile accessories are made by Lava Mobiles?

Lava Mobiles offers a comprehensive range of smartphone accessories including wireless earphones, bluetooth neckbands, and mobile power banks. Our mobile accessories cater to the diverse needs of users. For example, you can pick up Probuds for a truly wireless audio experience or go with Probuds N11 neckband that is more suited for fitness enthusiasts.

Which are the latest mobile accessories by Lava Mobiles?

The latest smartphone accessories from Lava Mobiles include the Probuds 21 (with up to 9 hours of battery life) and Probuds N11 offering the best audio output in their price range. You can also check out the accessories section on our website.

Can I use a Lava Mobiles accessory with other smartphones?

Yes. While Lava Mobiles accessories work best when paired with our own range of smartphones, you can use the accessories with other smartphones as well. Lava Mobiles accessories feature the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 and are compatible with all types of smartphones, laptops, and other pairing devices.

Earphone E1Earphone E1
Probuds 2Probuds 2
Probuds N1Probuds N1
Probuds N2Probuds N2
Probuds N3Probuds N3
Probuds 21Probuds 21
E5 BassE5 Bass
Probuds N11Probuds N11
Probuds 22Probuds 22
Probuds E1Probuds E1
Probuds N41Probuds N41
Prowatch VNProwatch VN
Probuds N31Probuds N31
Battery BL5CBattery BL5C
Prowatch ZNProwatch ZN
Probuds T31Probuds T31