Lava 730 G+

Carry the world in your bag!

Lava 730GPlus - 3G Data Card

Speed matters

Get used unprecedented speed with this 7.2Mbps high speed data-card. Sending a mail, streaming videos and surfing will now happen with a blink of an eye. Get your share of speed with the new 730G+ data-card today!

Bringing you closer

Here’s a data card that amazes you with its performance. It enables you to talk to your loved ones from miles apart. It’s a data card that supports voice calling like none other.

Easier than playing hide n seek

Just plug it in and you are ready to roll, with world at your fingertips. It’s the new Lava 730G+. It’s so easy to use that even your kids will be able to do it within minutes!

Carry the world in
your bag!

  • 7.2Mbps ULCategory 7/8
  • 5.6Mbps DLCategory 6
  • 2.0USBCompatibility
  • 900/1800MHz GSM/GPRS
Lava 730GPlus - Data Card with WiFi