Lava 730G

Speed up!

Lava 730G - 3G Data Card

Speed up to style

The new Lava 730G brings you unprecedented internet speed in style. Its sleek and ultra-thin design is not just stylish but also very easy to use, as it can fit anywhere.

Speed up to technology

Unmatched speed comes with unmatched technology. Presenting the Lava 730G that supports the USSD function, which results in great internet speed.

Speed up to joy

The amazing Lava 730G brings you great joy with its delightful pricing. This internet data-card is competitively priced and gives you much more than any other product available in the category.

Speed up!

  • 7.2Mbps ULCategory 7/8
  • 5.6Mbps DLCategory 6
  • 2.0USBCompatibility
  • 900/1800MHz GSM/GPRS
Lava 730G - Data Card with WiFi