DIMENSIONS Size 91.6mm X 40mm X 40mm
Weight 300g (Max.)
Battery Battery Typical Capacity
Battery Minimum Capacity
correct battery usage time 6-8 hours of continuous use
stand by time More than three months
Battery cell type CJS18650-2200mAh*4=8800mAH
Nominal Voltage Average 3.7 volts
Charging Voltage 4.3volts
Standard Charge 1000 mA for 12Hrs. at 25+/-2?
Fast charge current 1000 mA
Maximum Discharge Watt 5W(Continue)
Discharge End Voltage 3.0 Volts
Cell FCC RANGE 8400mAh to 8800mAh
Nominal Voltage ×Typical Capacity =85%
Initial 5V/1000mA Discharge Capacity RANGE >;60% FCC (>;5280mAh)
Maximum Discharge Current 2100 mA
Access Mode USB OUT1 5V/1000mA
USB OUT2 5V/2100mA
Environment Cell Temperature 0? ~ +60 ?, 45 to 85%RH (charging 800mA)
Ambient Temperature 0? ~ +45 ?, 45 to 85%RH