Size 89mm X 26.6mm X 11.9mm
External Interface AT Interface Support 3GPP TS27.005/3GPP TS27.007
SIM/USIM Card Standard SIM card interface, in line with the 3GPP31.101 and 31.102
Power Mode +5V Power Supply via USB interface
USB Speed USB2.0 High Speed
USB Type Standard USB interface
UMTS Rx Divisity Antenna Internal antenna
Frequency Band UMTS 2100 MHz
GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Technical Standard Chipset Qualcomm 8200A
GPRS DL 85.6 kbps / UL 42.8 kbps
UMTS DL/UL 384 K bps
Standard Package Contents Quick Start Guide 1
Certification ROHS Supported
SMS Forward SMS Supported
Send SMS Supported
New SMS Supported
Standard Package Contents HSPA USB MODEM 1
PhoneBook New contacts Supported
Edit contacts Supported
Software Functions PIN1 Enable, Disable or Modify the PIN Code, verify PUK Code
SMS Supported
PhoneBook Supported