Pocket sized sound system

With dual front speakers, the Lava Iris 360 Music delivers an immersive audio experience. Clear notes paired with supreme surround sound gets the party started.

Lava Iris 360 Music - New Smartphones in India
Lava Iris 360 Music - New Smartphones India

Owners delight

The LAVA Iris 360 Music is available in 3 versatile colours; black, white and grey. It’s slim design and sleek finish adds to its beauty and makes this device a pride to hold.

The winning horse

Spend every waking moment breaking your high score record? The Lava Iris 360 Music is built for achievers like you. No lags, no unwanted pauses and no missed opportunities. The smartphone has 1 GHz Dual core processor under the hood with a meaty 512 MB ram running on the world’s largest selling Android Jelly Bean OS.

Lava Iris 360 Music - New Smartphone India

Double the music, twice the fun

  • 3G Enabled
  • v4.2 Android (Jelly Bean)
  • 4 GB ROM
  • 512 MB RAM
Lava Iris 360 Music - New Smartphones

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