Comfort of a tablet,
power of a laptop

Have it all! A tablet and a laptop,
all in one device.

Lava Twinpad  - Comfort of a tablet, power of a laptop
Lava Twinpad  - Single screen, Dual display

Single screen,
Dual display

Front or reverse,
flip it the way you want.

Seamless performance

2GB RAM and 32GB ROM to cater to
all your entertainment and work needs
without any hassles.

Lava Twinpad  comes with 2 GB DDR3 RAM & 32 GB ROM

Only the latest OS

Powered with customizable
Windows 10, the latest and
the best OS yet.

Lava Twinpad is powered with customizable Windows 10

Shape the new

  • Dual Functionality (Can work as a tablet and as a laptop)
  • Bidirectional screen placement
  • Steady screen placement
  • Windows 10

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