Lava Helium 12

The real HD experience!

Sleek & stylish , Helium 12 is the complete device with 1366*768 display - bringing movies and images to life. Experience bright, crisp visuals in widescreen with an HD format display.

Smart with Intel.

Powered by Intel’s 14nm technology, clocked at a 1.88GHz frequency, it has a great control on power consumption and heat radiation.

Lava Helium 12
Lava Helium 12

The best of Windows,
The Microsoft Anniversary Edition

Pre-loaded with the original Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition, the Helium 12 enables users to access latest Windows apps. It also has Windows Defender for lifetime to protect your system against malicious software and viruses.

Data Storage Made Easy

Expandable memory up to 128GB via SD card.

Lava Helium 12
Lava Helium 12

More Battery. More Work. More Fun.

The Helium 12 comes packed with a 10000 mAh battery for a full day of non-stop computing guaranteed.


Delightfully light

  • HD Display Screen
  • 10000 mAh Battery
  • Intel Quad Core Processor
  • Windows 10 Home
Lava Helium 12

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