Your Personal Social Media Manager, the New Lava Z25

Lava Z25




New Lava Z25
The world is becoming increasingly mobile, and to keep up with it, you need a device which can keep you connected on the go. The Lava Z25 has been crafted with premium components to enhance durability and offers versatile performance in tune with your high-octane lifestyle.

A screen that is tailor made for social media consumption

The large 5.5″ screen of Lava Z25 gives you ample screen space for an immersive social media experience. With the Z25 we have made social media browsing a seamless experience. View more of your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds without having to squint at every other post. In case you do want to spot the ant in the room, the Z25 has ten-point multi-touch support for effortless pinch and zoom.

More power to the camera, post your excitement online

More power to the camera in LAVA Z25

In the Lava Z25, we present a class leading camera performance, lauded by industry experts on numerous occasions. The Z25 clicks sharper images with more vibrant colours and superb white balance, all thanks to the Sony Exmor tech under the hood (read more here). The Z25 has proved its mettle against competing devices in terms of low light performance with muchbetter shots under various lighting conditions.

The front cam on the Z25 is also a top-performer, featuring an 8-megapixel sensor and the camera also has a wide-angle selfie mode for those after-party group shots.

More performance with all new octa-core processor

Modern apps and games on Android OS need more powerful processor and RAM pairings to run smoothly. The Lava Z25 has 4GB of RAM and a powerful octa-core processor that ensures your phone is never out of breath while multitasking and switching between apps.

If you are wondering what running games has to do with social media, you must be forgetting the hundreds of Candy Crush and Clash of Clans requests you keep getting on Facebook. Online gaming has become a veritable part of social media, with several prominent gaming communities vying for total domination. The Lava Z25 ensures that you literally stay on the top of your game.

Dual 4G connectivity, stay connected to your social channels

The Z25 is a dual-sim 4G network support smartphone and also handlesVoLTE effortlessly, so that you don’t have to worry about losing connectivity on the move. Although, it’s better to do your heavy downloads on WiFi, 4G does save the day when you need to quickly scan through your emails or fend off an attack on your castle inClash of Clans.

Hours and hours of browsing between battery charges

For an uninterrupted social media and gaming experience, we have packed a 3050mAh battery inside the Z25. The phone also utilizes smart software tweaks from our R&D to reduce stress on system resources and increase battery life. So, you no longer have to hang from your bed’s edge, trying to awkwardly browse on your phone while it is plugged to a power socket.

Parting thoughts

The Lava Z25 is an all-round performer and has a stylish industrial design that you can flaunt to draw envious sighs. Moreover, we have put a lot of thought into making it a phone for everyone, with features that let you browse, play and connect effortlessly. Couple that with Lava’s countrywide after sales support and you have a winner in your hands.

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