You Use WhatsApp Every day, But Did You Know These Tricks?



The Android app store has thousands of apps yet when it comes to essential downloads, one app rules them all – WhatsApp. With over a billion active users the app remains the leader in instant messaging segment. Yet, most users remain unaware of these WhatsApp tricks and tips rolled out in recent updates. Sift through the list below to know which ones you need to start using now!

 Use Bold, Italics and Strikethrough Font Styles

Ever felt like highlighting / emphasizing something while typing a message to your friend? Especially to the one who refuses to acknowledge what you’re saying, such as, the fact that pink dolphins are real.

  • Bold your text by using * (asterisk) before and after your text.
  • Italicize by using _ (underscores) before and after your text.
  • Strikethrough by using ~ (tilde) before and after your text.


Use Bold, Italics and Strikethrough Font Styles

 Use the new WhatsApp Quote Feature

 Ever been in a WhatsApp group conversation where everybody starts typing at once? And before you know which message to reply to first, you are 100 messages down in the feed. Using the new message quote feature, you can now reply to individual messages without having to keep explaining “this reply is for that message” to your group mates.

new WhatsApp Quote Feature

Just select the message you want to reply to and hit reply. We are using the WhatsApp web version, on your Android phone the selected message can be replied to using the “reply arrow” icon,


Whats App Massage

 Using WhatsApp Web App

If you’re wondering what this “WhatsApp Web Version” is, it is, quite simply, the desktop version of WhatsApp. You can use it via your web browser by visiting or you can download the desktop app for your device (Windows or Mac) from their official site.


WhatsApp Web App

The setup process is fairly simple, go to the three-dot settings menu on your smartphone and select “WhatsApp Web” the camera viewfinder will open and you can login by scanning the QR Code displayed on your PC screen. Simple, and a god send for when you don’t want to be using your mobile. Like you know, in office.


WhatsApp Web setup

Using Starred Messages to Quickly Find Important Info

Did someone share an important number or link with you, and now you can’t seem to find it because your message feed has grown too long? Well, you can use the Starred messages feature to mark messages and use it to quickly access them when needed.


Starred Messages to Quickly Find Important Info

We ‘starred’ our pink dolphins convo (so that we can gloat over it later). You can access your starred messages from the three-dot menu.

starred messages from the three-dot menu

Use WhatsApp as a walkie-talkie

Not an expressly new feature but most people don’t realize how easy it is to talk using the voice note feature in WhatsApp. Just press and hold the mic icon on the right-bottom of your screen, and send quick voice notes. You can use it to add some verbal emotion to your chats, when you just need to grunt, groan, laugh or scream to send the right message.

Use WhatsApp as a walkie-talkie

Stop WhatsApp from hogging your mobile data, disable auto media download

If your monthly data limit is capped low, you can go to WhatsApp Settings > Data Usage > Media Auto-downloadto turn off downloading photos and videos automatically. This can be a huge cost saver for your monthly phone bill.

Stop WhatsApp from hogging your mobile data

Turning off auto media-download can also save storage space on your phone.

So that concludes our list of WhatsApp features you may find useful. Let us know of your thoughts in the comments below, or add your own tricks and enlighten us!







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