Will 4G drain my phone’s battery?

Will 4G drain my phone's battery


Yes and no.
Many users have been asking the same question ever since the 4G revolution started in India. The thing users must understand is that smartphone battery life depends more on the way they use their phone rather than the underlying technology.
It is true that the LTE radio which enables 4G on modern smartphones uses slightly more power than its predecessor 3G technology, but that difference is offset by overall improvements in hardware and software. Smartphone processors have become increasingly power efficient over the years, and software features like ‘Low Power Mode’ give users extended battery life even on 4G enabled smartphones.
Will 4G drain my phone's battery

How usage impacts your 4G phone’s battery life?

Battery life varies even for users using the same make and model of 4G smartphones, there are a few factors behind this difference.

  • Streaming content such as music, videos and live feeds drains more battery.
  • Frequent video calling and mobile data calls affect battery life.
  • Constantly using 4G phones for gaming and other activities that increase the screen on time also reduces battery life.
  • Features such as Auto Sync and Auto Brightness can also result in quick battery drain.

How can you save battery on your 4G mobile phone?

There are a few tips and tricks you can use to prolong your 4G smartphone’s battery life.

  • Use mobile data enable / disable toggle to conserve data and battery.
  • Disable or reduce the intensity of your phone’s vibration mode
  • Set screen time-out to 15 seconds or less.
  • Switch off motion gestures (auto-rotate, etc.) if you do not use them quite often.
  • Disable Google Now’s always listening feature that allows the app to continuously run in the background.
  • Turn off the ‘Auto Sync’ feature for linked email accounts.
  • Enable power saving mode once your battery is below the 50% mark.

Or if you do not want to make these many compromises, simply buy a 4G smartphone with larger battery capacity and a power efficient processor. LAVA offers some great 4G smartphones which come with larger battery and a ton of features such as enhanced camera performance, 4GB RAM and stylish metal body. Click here to browse Lava 4G Smartphones.


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