Why Your Smartphone Needs a Screen Protector?


Smartphones are a fairly big investment and you definitely won’t want that after spending thousands of rupees on them, they end up having a scratched screen.

With the advancement of technology and introduction of Gorilla and Asahi Dragontrail glass, the importance of screen protectors has definitely diminished but they can only protect against minor scratches.For complete safety of your touch screen, you cannot overlook the importance of a screen protector.

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Using a screen protector for your smartphone has many benefits, let us discuss a few of them:

Keep your eyes safe by reducing glare: Anti-Glare screen protectors cut down the glare on your phone’s LCD screen and don’t strain your eyes. They use a matte finish coating and other diffusion means to reduce the consistency of reflected images. This will cause your eyes to strain less while working on your smartphone. So if you are using spectacles or contacts, this type of screen protector is the best for you.

Prevent sticking of fingers: The most standard type of screen protectors available in the market are ultra-clear screen protectors. These types of screen protectors are thinner than other kinds of screen protectors and offer a shiny smooth surface, so that the user’s fingers can easily manoeuvre the screen without sticking.

Resistant to fingerprints and scratches: Screen protectors don’t allow the smudge marks to appear on the screen of your smartphone and also protect the screen from all potential scratches. The screen of your phone will be brilliant as new even after years of usage.

Repel Dust: Screen Protectors block dust and don’t allow the screen to get dirty by dust particles. After all, your phone’s health and hygiene is also important.

Prevents UV damage: Anti-reflective screen protectors bend light and reduce the reflection as light passes through the surface of your smartphone. AR screen protectors offer consumers unique UV and glare protection by filtering out UVB rays and by eliminating glare from sunlight that reflects into consumer’s eye.


So, what do you think, is it better to spend a few bucks on screen protectors or compromise on your screen and health and invest in a new smartphone after every few months?

Stay tuned as we at Lava, are planning something great to make your smartphone more protected.


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