Why Lava Z70 is One of the Best Festive Deals

lava z70

Lava Mobiles has launched their latest budget Android phone, the Lava Z70
Indian smartphone maker Lava Mobiles has launched their latest budget Android phone, the Lava Z70. The phone features a smart fingerprint reader, a first in this category. The Z70 has been making quite a buzz in the market with its charcoal finish and curved glass design.

Here is,

Why you should consider the Lava Z70 as your festive buy.

Smartphone with a Smart Fingerprint Sensor

Lava has not only incorporated a fail-proof security sensor in the Lava Z70, but have also made it smarter. You can lock individual apps with the fingerprint sensor, assign an app to the fingerprint sensor’s quick launch setting, and most usefully, use it to click selfies. These features increase the usability of the sensor and reflect the innovative thought process behind the Lava Z70.

More Reasons to Keep Smiling

The Lava Z70 features excellent cameras at the front and the back. The 5-megapixel camera at the front produces some great selfie shots. The 8-megapixel main camera also performs impressively and has a variety of picture modes to pep up your photos and videos.

Enhanced viewing experiencewith the 5” Incell Display

The large 5-inch display on the Z70 uses the Incell Technology, presenting yourfavorite photos and videos, and games in gorgeous detail. The large screen also makes it quite handy when using the new split screen feature introduced in Android 7.0. The screen is curved on the sides, enhancing practicality and making swiping gestures a delight to perform.

Android Nougat is here

The latest Android Naugat OS introduces a slew of changes such as the data saver and battery saver modes. It also makes your phone a true multi-tasking device with support for running apps simultaneously. The Lava Z70 comes with a quad core processor and 2GB RAM for a lag free Android experience.

More Storage, more happiness

With the Lava Z70, you no longer have to worry about storage space and moving your picture and music library elsewhere. The 16 GB internal storage and an option for expandable storage makes the latest Lava smartphone an ideal companion for your festive photoshoots.

Longer Battery Life, Even Longer Warranty

The Lava Z70 comes with 2500mAh battery which can easily navigate through a full day of usage, and more if you are using the ultra-power saver mode. What’s more, the Lava Z70 comes with a 2-year standard warranty, which epitomizes Lava’s promise of superior products and quality after sales services.
If you haven’t checked out the latest smartphones from Lava yet, click here to visit the Lava Z70 official products page and take your pick.

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