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The release of #ProudlyIndian campaign by Lava International, Indian mobile phone major was a big step in their novel initiative ‘Design in India’, an inspiration from ‘Make in India’. Lava, as a brand, believes that India is a feeling of honor and pride and not just a country. The heartfelt video beautifully shows a little girl’s efforts to learn the patriotic song ‘Sare Jahan se Achha’ and MS Dhoni singing along with her is surely a surprising treat for all of us feeling #ProudlyIndian.

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It is an immense pride in being an Indian mobile handset brand. India is at the heart of everything that Lava does and it is committed to offering valuable products to their consumers. Over the years, they have been building capabilities within India in product design & manufacturing – in order to make valuable technologies accessible and provide reliable products to their customers. Lava Mobiles is proud of being the only brand to have a complete end to end control on product value chain within India, complemented by their robust distribution network and speedy customer service. Through #ProudlyIndian campaign, Lava shared its pride of being a truly Indian company with our fellow countrymen. This campaign was a unique celebration of our independence and tribute to the nation.

‘Make in India’ is not just another Government campaign for Lava, but it is the spirit of carrying out its business. Inspired by ‘Make in India’, Lava’s ‘Design in India’ movement is reaching heights by producing the first indigenously designed mobile phone following with many more.

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It was a very unique and lively campaign in which all the employees shared their part of patriotism through songs and poems and uploaded their videos on social media with the hashtag- #ProudlyIndian. There were over many videos of solo as well as group performances encouraging and celebrating the Indian spirit. Through this campaign, it was out loud clear that Lava, like all of us, is wholeheartedly Indian and proud of it.

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