Top 5 Features of Android OS 8

The Best Features of Android OS 8

The Best Features of Android OS 8

Three years ago Google launched its update for Android OS 8 which is also known as Oreo, which was introduced with a variety of new features. All the users were curious to know; how the latest version of Android will change the way we interact and operate our mobile phones. Before you get the Android Oreo, here, we learn about its enhancements, features and exciting changes. This new version of Android Oreo is improved with ample developments which include cool features, revamped looks, surprising functionalities and lot more you can imagine. It is considered as the highest peak of inventions from Google workshop.

Top 5 Features of Android 8.0 Oreo we discuss here:

Picture in Picture Mode (PIP)

Earlier, PIP mode was only available for Android TV but it is now available on all Android devices. It will keep your video playing in a moveable window in the bottom-right of the screen and the rest of the screen carries on with your previous activity. PIP lets you keep watching or doing; it is multi-window process, which is mostly used for video playback.

Smart Text Selection Menu

In an earlier version of Android, this menu was not much smarter but in Android Oreo, you can see the intelligent features while selecting the text as if you select the URL link then Android Oreo will automatically suggest you to open Google Chrome or a particular app. And if you’re selecting a number, it will ask you to open a dialer.

Auto fills Framework

Sometimes users get frustrated with the apps that require submission of your personal details multiple times; for Account creation, online transactions, credit card payments or login to various accounts. But with this Auto fill feature of Android OS 8.0, it is easy to update the details as you don’t need to spend a lot of time into that. Auto fill framework makes life easier.

Notification Dots

A small dot or badges which reflect the presence of notifications and alert if in case have missed. The user can swipe away or open it for an action. A user can see the dot on the home screen and the app drawer, and with the long press of that app icon, you can see the related condensed version of that notification.

WIFI Turn on Automatically

This is the most beneficial feature of Android 8.0 for users. The battery will also not exhaust, because with this feature your phone will avoid scanning the Wi-Fi accessing option. As it will disable the Wi-Fi services, once you leave the premises, but once you reach your home, it will track your location and then automatically connects you to that Wi-Fi network.

Android OS 8.0 is the latest version for 4G mobile phones, every Android user had been waiting for. And there are major areas where Android Oreo spread sits magic. It gives the smarter performance; rapid access has greater control over user’s hand and visual aspects of Android.



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