Top Features to Look for in an Office Laptop

Top Features to Look for in an Office Laptop

Your office laptop is a tool that can make all the difference in your work–life balance. A fast and versatile office machine enhances your productivity, opening up space for a successful career development. Also, when you are working more efficiently, you are saving more time for your family and friends.

If you are looking for a new machine for work, here are the features you should look for.

Latest Hardware and Software

Latest Hardware and Software of a laptop

Since technology is changing at a very fast pace in our times, it is always better to go for the latest hardware and software combination. Latest Intel processors and Windows 10 makes a great combination for those who love to keep things fast and hassle-free.

Data Security

Data Security

Professional machines require professional data protection software. With Microsoft Defender Anti-Virus software as standard with every Windows 10, and a lifetime of free security patches, you can rest assured of getting the best protection for your confidential data when you buy a Windows 10 laptop.

Storage and RAM

Storage and RAM of the lava Laptop

Storage is one of the most important aspects of your laptop. The world isjust waking up to the benefits offered by flash storage. Flash storage is more responsive than an average hard disk drive, and makes system boot, app launch, and everything else, faster, much faster.

Form Factor

Form Factor

A most important aspect of the modern office laptop,ignored by most people, is its size and weight. Since this is a machine you’ll be carrying around a lot; a lighter and sleeker form factor will work wonders for you in terms of portability and ease of use. You can whip it out anytime, anywhere for on-the-move productivity.

Long Lasting Battery

Long Lasting Battery

For some, keeping the office laptop charged is a chore in itself. A modern work laptop however should easily last you a normal work day before blipping for charge. So when buying a new laptop, do take in consideration its real world battery performance.

Recommended Buys

Lava is an Indian mobile technology company which manufactures smartphones, tablets and laptops. The company has two very sleek and stylish laptops, the Lava Helium 12 and Lava Helium 14, with latest Quad Core Processors from Intel and original Windows 10 operating system. The laptops have all the above mentioned features and more, such as hot-swappable memory which allows you to turn your office laptop into an entertainment device within seconds.

The Lava laptops offer productivity, ease of use and value-for-money, for those looking for a great office/home laptop. Check out the full specifications of Lava Helium 12 and Lava Helium 14 here.

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