Top Android Apps for Office and Productivity in 2017

Top Android Apps for Office and Productivity in 2017


Android mobile phones are fast becoming the choice of professionals for on-the-go productivity. Larger screen sizes and faster processors and RAMs in smartphones have ensured that you can execute the heaviest of productivity tasks with ease. Here we have a list of must have productivity apps for professionals.

Microsoft Apps Suite

Microsoft Apps Suite

Well, if you are surprised to see a Microsoft package leading the pack, don’t be. Microsoft has been a leading developer of productivity apps for PC and now they have brought their expertise to the Android OS as well. Apart from the usual MS Office Apps there are a number of other useful apps such as Office Lens (for capturing documents), OneDrive (for online storage), Skype and Outlook for Android. And the best part is that you can use all MS Office Apps for free as long as you are using them on smartphones. Getting a smartphone with 5.5″ inch screen can give you a lot of room to complete your productivity tasks without having to buy a subscription.


Slack Android Apps

The most popular office chat app for businesses, Slack makes sharing updates with your colleagues, quick and easy. Sign up with your company account and stay in loop with the latest happenings by creating channels for conversations with your team and other departments.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager Android App

If you are working in an online marketing company and your job profile requires you to handle a lot of social media and other accounts, LastPass can help you remember all the logins and passwords. Now you can access all your login credentials using a single password. What’s more, LastPass also helps you in setting up new secure passwords for apps and websites.

Evernote and Google Keep

Evernote and Google Keep Android App

If you take a lot of notes on-the-go and need to access them anytime, anywhere – note taking apps can be a big help (and they also help save paper). Evernote is a longstanding winner in this segment, but now Google’s Keep is providing similar functionality in a simpler and integrated layout for Android OS. Both apps have great features and the one you use is down to personal preference. Their functionality is further simplified if you have a phone with large touchscreen which allows a broader keyboard layout for faster typing.


Wunderlist mobile App

The best task list managing app, Wunderlist helps you manage your tasks effortlessly. The app’s use is not limited to office productivity – you can use it for grocery shopping and home tasks as well.

Tell us which productivity apps you use for managing your workflows. Also, check out these great m-learning apps which you can use with these productivity apps. If you think having a smartphone with larger display helps in increasing your productivity? Let us know in the comments.


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