Top 8 Tips &Tricks for your Android Kitkat powered Lava Smartphone

Almost all the latest smartphones released by Lava come preinstalled with Google’s Android 4.4 Kitkat. The Kitkat OS was specifically designed by Google to be a lot more efficient than their previous versions that were accused of being lagged down by bloat-ware. The new OS cleared all the accusations and also delivered a lot more goodies for users to enjoy.

Enable Developer Options

The Developer mode is hidden away in the newer OS’s but can be enabled easily.  Simply go to the Settings menu and then click on About Phone. Then tap the ‘Build Number’ section five times which will unlock the Developer menu which will allow the user access to a whole bunch of features.

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Process Stats

In the Developer menu in the phone’s Settings, there is a Process Stats section that contains all types of information about the apps that are running, the processes that they are using and the time they are running since the last reboot of the phone. It is perfect for power users who wish to fine tune their experience.

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Manage Data Usage

In many places around the world, especially in India, many carriers have a strict data limit after which they either charge an astronomical amount or simple stop that particular service. Kitkat comes with a data usage monitor that lets users know exactly how much data they have used and can set warnings when they get close to it as well as set a limit that will disable data after it has been reached.

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Disable Animations and Boost Speed

Animations between menus may look pretty, but can bog down an OS. To disable them, go to the Settings then Developer Options and then head to the Screen Animation Scale section and then put ‘Animation off’. The speed boost you gain is definitely worth the aesthetic appeal that your phone may lose.

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 Cloud Printing

Cloud Printing lets users send files from their phones directly to their Wi-Fi enabled printer for printing which greatly reduces the hassles associated with printing. It has its very own place in the settings menu and one will need to add their printer by tapping on ‘Add Printer’. They will then be taken to the Google Play Store where they will have to install their manufacturers’ app.

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Check Out the Future

Current generation of Android uses Dalvik runtime by default which does all application processing when it is required. Google will soon move to ART runtime which compiles such processes ahead of time. ART can be activated by entering the developer menu.

Wipe Your Data Remotely

One can hope you will never have to use this feature. In the event when you lose your phone, you can always wipe your personal data from your phone as a last ditch attempt to protect your privacy. Go to Settings and then Security> Device Administrator> Android Device Manager. Then select ‘Remotely Locate This Device’ and ‘Allow Remote Lock and Factory Reset’.

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Taking Screenshots

Recording your phone’s screen has become really easy with the Android Kitkat. Just press power and volume up/down button simultaneously and take a screenshot. The v4.4 goes to the next level – it features the ability to record video from your screen as well.

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