Top 5 ways to transfer files between your PC and Android powered Lava Smartphone


In this fast paced world, keeping all your smart gadgets synchronized is a necessity for everyone. So, how do you transfer files like images, music, documents etc. from your PC to your smartphone or vice versa? Here are a few simple tips by which you can share all your important data across devices like a laptop and an Android powered Lava Smartphone :


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  • USB Cable: This small cable can be a lifesaver when you quickly need to transfer data from your PC to smartphone or vice versa. When you connect your PC and phone via USB cable, Drag notification bar > USB storage (for all files) /MTP (for media files)/PTP (for camera) > turn on USB storage. All the contents of the phone will be visible on the computer in the format of an external hard drive. Then, you can simply copy and paste files across devices.
  • Bluetooth: If your computer supports Bluetooth, you can wirelessly transfer files from and to your smartphone. Make sure Bluetooth of both the devices is on and the settings are on ‘discoverable.’ Once your computer detects your smartphone, you can pair the devices together and transfer data.
  • Wi-Fi Direct: Wi-Fi direct is also a wireless form of data transfer across devices like Bluetooth, but is quicker. All you need to do is, Turn on Wi-Fi > menu > Wi-Fi direct (Please ensure office suite is pre-installed in your device). If Wi-Fi Direct is not available on your smartphone, you can use various other apps available on the Play Store for this purpose.
  • Card Reader: Another simple thing which you can do is, copy the data you want to share on the SD card of the phone. Remove the memory card from the device and connect it to the PC separately via card reader. The SD card will work as a pen drive and then you can easily copy and paste the files.
  • Cloud Sharing & E-mail: Android powered Lava smartphones come with free Google Drive storage. The files on your smartphone can be uploaded on the drive from phone and then the drive can be accessed from your PC and the files can be downloaded on it. It also works other way round.

With the help of these simple tricks, you’ll never have to worry about transferring files between your PC and LAVA smartphone ever again.


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