Top 5 Ways to Free up Space on your Android Powered Lava Smartphone



Shortage of memory is a nightmare for every smartphone user. No matter if you have a RAM & ROM of 1GB & 8GB or 2GB & 16GB respectively, eventually you will run out of space. Here are a few tricks which can help you to free up space on your android powered Lava smartphones and make the most out of them.


Lava Iris X8-memory

  • Move Apps to SD card: 

Your smartphone needs free internal memory in order to function properly. If you are facing a problem of low internal phone memory, you can move your large apps to SD card storage. That will make room on the internal ROM without hindering the functionality of the applications.

  • Clear cache and data:

 Clearing the cache means deleting an app’s temporary files, while clearing data is a more drastic approach. Clearing data will reset your app to its original state by deleting all your custom settings and progress. You can clear an app’s cache and data from its details screen to free up space. Also, you can clear the cache and browsing history of your web browser for freeing up additional storage space.

  • Upload photos to the drive:

 We understand that deleting memories stored in the form of images is never an option but what you can do is, upload them on Google drive or Picasa web albums. The images will still appear in the Gallery app but they will be stored on Google servers and you’ll be able to download them as per your convenience. This is also a great way of keeping a backup of your images.

  • Uninstall apps: 

Your phone is preloaded with a lot of apps which you’ll never use. You might also have a lot of apps which you’ve downloaded but they are not that useful anymore. It is better to uninstall those apps and make room for more important stuff.

  • Set the default storage place as SD card for all media intensive apps:

 If you click a lot of pictures, record videos and download podcasts, it is better you set the default storage for these files as SD card. You can always connect your smartphone to the PC and move the files there for freeing up space but there is no need of exhausting your device’s internal memory when you have a lot of idle space on your SD card.

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