Make your Smartphone a Personal TV / Top Mobile TV Apps

Make your Smartphone a Personal TV


Modern smartphones are rapidly replacing the devices we use for productivity and entertainment. With a slew of productivity suites and data sync services leading app downloads on the Google Play Store, the importance of a Smartphone for office use is quite apparent. However, phones with larger displays are also taking over the entertainment landscape and more people are switching to these devices for their daily dose of soap opera, music videos, and movies.

Lava Mobiles, one of the largest Indian Smartphone companies, have recently introduced the Lava Z Series of Android smartphones which come with screen sizes of 5 inches and above, making them perfect for media consumption of any kind.

Here, are sharing the

Top 5 Apps you can use for watching TV programmes and movies


One of the most popular apps on the Google Play Store, the app lets you watch a number of Star Network’s popular Indian TV shows for free. The app also has a subscription which is quite low at Rs. 199 per month, for unlocking premium TV and movie content. Hotstar is one of the best apps for watching the English Premier League and Game of Thrones in India.


SonyLiv smartphone App
An app for cricket matches, movies and TV programmes hosted by Sony, the SonyLiv is another TV app for Indian users. Once again, the app has in-app purchases for viewing paid content. Like Hotstar, the app has a large library of free content.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video
One of the most affordable paid content streaming apps in India at the moment, the Amazon Prime Video app is offering year long premium subscription at just Rs. 500 (although a pricing update is due in December this year). Apart from getting to see some of your favourite American TV shows, you also get a ton of Indian TV and movie content. Amazon is also developing some exclusive TV programmes for India.

The best part about the Prime Video subscription is that you get the Amazon Prime membership with it as well.


A popular but somewhat costly service, Netflix is as good as it gets if you want to enjoy high-quality TV shows and movies from around the globe. Netflix is constantly expanding its Indian films and TV library and is also planning some originals series’s for Indian audience. The basic subscription of Netflix is Rs. 500 for a single user.
In case of Netflix subscriptions, it is better to opt for the costliest monthly plan, which comes at Rs. 800 and lets you watch (up to 4k quality) content on 4 screens. You can pool with interested friends for the subscription and thus have access to Netflix by spending as much as you do on a Hotstar subscription.


One of the largest content streaming apps which offers content from over 200 Indian TV channels, YuppTV also has a popular following in India.

So which app do you use for watching TV on your smartphone, let us know in the comments.

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