Top 5 Lava Phones Under Rs.3000

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While flagship smartphones may dominate the headlines, it’’s the feature phones that do most of the heavy lifting. The feature phones from Lava tend to combine the simplicity and price of the feature phone with some feature qualities from the smartphones. The following are some of the best low-cost phones that you get from Lava.

Bond K1

Bond K1 comes loaded with many useful features like Dual SIM and Multi-lingual support. Powered by a 1750 mAh Li-Ion battery, the device is a multimedia powerhouse supporting FM with Recording, MP3/MP4/3GP Audio and Video playback. Expandable up to 32GB, the phone comes in 3 color variants with a textured back panel for better grip.

Lava Bond K1


Display:  (1.8) screen

Battery: 1750mAh Li-Ion battery

MRP: Rs.1050/-


KKT Ultra

With a 6.09cm (2.4) grand screen and 1450 mAh battery, the Lava KKT Ultra is the ultimate phone that entertains nonstop. The tri-lingual device supports Hindi, English and Gujarati. Other features include internet connectivity with GPRS, auto call recording with folder, mobile tracker, Easy share with Bluetooth and Bright LED torch.

Lava KKT Ultra


Display: 6.09cm (2.4) screen

Battery: 1450 mAh Li-Ion battery

MRP: Rs.1400/-



Lava ARC Lite+FM, powered by a 900mAh battery offers wireless FM and recording for musical experience on the go. The elegant looking feature phone is quad-lingual and supports Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu languages. It also has a dual LED torch and auto call recording feature to assist you in remembering important conversations. KKT Lite+FM comes pre-loaded with various games like Sokoban, Snake, Lock D Block, Pack the Man.



Display: (1.77) screen

Battery: 900 mAh Li-Ion battery

MRP: Rs.1099/-



KKT Uno +

The Lava KKT Uno+ is a phone that will stun you with its looks and surprise you with its power. Priced at just Rs.1500, this phone lets you enjoy multimedia as it supports many media formats. For those who are looking for superior sound quality, it offers loud sound output. The bi-lingual phone sports a 1.3 MP camera to capture and preserve your memories forever. It is available in 3 color variants, black-gold, white-silver and black-silver.

Lava KKT Uno+


Display: (2.4) screen

Battery: 1700 mAh Li-Ion battery

MRP: Rs. 1500/-


ARC 12+

The LAVA slim and sleek ARC 12+ will allow you quick access to camera and music with its shortcut keys. With 6.09cm (2.4) QVGA display and 1000 mAh battery, the phone is simply amazing. Other features include an auto call recorder, FM recording capabilities, Bright LED torch and Bluetooth.

Lava ARC 12+


Display: 6.09cm (2.4) screen

Battery: 1000 mAh Li-ion battery

MRP: Rs.1399/-



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