Top 5 Budget Smartphones in December



The holiday season is upon us and if you are looking for gifts, then a smart phone may be the best gift you can give to your loved ones. However, buying smart phones can be a costly affair, especially when you take into consideration all the other things that you need to purchase. That is why you need to take a look at budget smartphones that will ensure that you buy the right smartphone without going overboard.

Here are some budget friendly smart phones from Lava that you should check out.

Lava Iris 349i

The 349i is the ideal smart phone for those looking for a really low priced Android smart phone that doesn’t skimp on all the features. The 349i comes with all creature comforts that you would expect from a smart phone albeit at a lower price. The phone has all creature comforts such as 2 cameras and Android OS. The 8.89 cm screen is ideal for entertainment on the go.

Lava Iris 349i

Best Buy: Rs.2899 /-

Follow the link to explore Iris 349i,


Lava Iris 300 style

The 300 style is the smart phone for the ones who are looking to add a dash of style into their gifts. The 300 style is a considerable upgrade over the 349i in which you get a better processor and a fairly newer operating system. You get a dual core processor and 2 cameras cased in a stylish body.

Lava Iris 300 style

Best Buy: Rs.3049 /-

Follow the link to explore Iris 300 style,


Lava Iris 360 Music

The Iris 360 Music makes for an excellent gift for youngsters and anyone who loves their music. The specifications of the 360 Music are pretty much on par with other devices in its price bracket however, its stand out feature is its dual front speaker set up. The 2 front speakers positioned on either end of the display really amplify the sound and let you listen to each note and lyric clearly.

Lava Iris 360 Music

Best Buy: Rs.3649 /-

Follow the link to explore Iris 360 Music,


Lava Iris 410

The Lava Iris 410 is a phone that looks super premium, but is actually very pocket friendly. Upon first glance, it doesn’t look like a budget phone but it is. Even when you look at its specifications, it doesn’t seem like it is one. It may come with a dual core processor, but it comes with the latest version of the Android OS. The sleek looks and capable hardware make it  one of the best budget phones that you can buy.

Lava Iris 410

Best Buy: Rs.4049 /-

Follow the link to explore Iris 410,


Lava Iris 400 Colour

The Lava Iris 400 Colour is definitely one of the best phones you can buy for those whose colourful personality extends to their gadgets. The Iris 400 colour comes in a range of back panel colours, to match everyone’s style. It comes with a 3 MP camera with a LED flash that will let them take some really cool pictures.

Lava Iris 400 Colour

Best Buy: Rs. 4199/-

Follow the link to explore Iris 400 Colour,



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