Top 4 Features of the Lava Iris Alfa


Great news for people looking for a powerful phone in a pocket friendly price! We have launched the Iris Alfa, a phone that packs a large screen and a plethora of other features at a budget. Lava’s been on a roll recently and has been launching new droids almost every week and the brand new Alfa continues the trend.

Lava Iris Alfa

The Display

The display of the Lava Iris Alfa is a large 12.7cm (5.0) screen. The display is large enough that users can enjoy watching movies and playing games on the mobile. Phone footprint is just about big enough to fit into most pockets. The display comes with IPS technology. IPS, or In Plane Switching gives the screen excellent viewing angles which, combined with the large screen, mean that groups of people can enjoy watching movies and videos on the screen comfortably without the need to jostle of the ideal position. It also comes with a full lamination display which helps to increase the responsiveness of the screen and also makes the screen much clearer.

Operating System

The Lava Iris Alfa comes with Android Kitkat v4.4 and as Google’s OS, you get all the benefits as part of the Google’s vast services. This includes all the updates to the security of your smart phone as well as the changes to the interface. At Lava, we have kept the interface stock so that it is easy for someone changing phones to understand the user interface and can continue to use it as they know how.


The phone comes with a powerful 1.2 GHz quad core processor. The powerful processing power of the Lava Iris Alfa ensures that it can handle a multiple tasks simultaneously and with ease. This power comes very handy for users who love to play games as they will be able to play smoothly without any lag or framing issues that may disrupt game play. Casual users will also love the smoothness of the interface thanks to the powerful processor.


The Alfa comes with 1 GB of RAM which is sure to help perform multiple tasks as well as 8 GB of ROM. The internal space is more than enough for many people to store movies, games and music on their phone. However, if more space is needed, they can always put in a microSD card on the phone. The Alfa can accept a maximum of 32 GB of external memory.

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