Top 3 selfie apps of the week


If you have a smart phone, and you say that you haven’t taken a selfie yet, then you are definitely lying. In the unlikely event that you are being honest, what are you waiting for? Maybe you are waiting for a good camera. Well in that case, we have the perfect offering for you Lava Iris X5 .

There are a huge number of Selfie focused apps on the Google Play Store which can turn a normal boring selfie into something  a professional photographer will be pleased to put his name on. Here are the three selfie apps that you have to try out!

Selfie Cam –Vintage Edition

Selfie Cam is literally made for selfies: it only works on phones with front cameras! The app has tons of filters that will add a dash of the old world charm to any selfie that you take. It is perfect for hipsters and people who love the look of old pictures of their parents and grandparents.

Best Selfie apps - Lava Iris X5

Strange Camera

If you are bit on the whacky side and you want your selfies to be a reflection of that, then you should check out Strange Camera. Strange Camera’s collection of whacky filters will allow you to bend, twist and distort your face in a myriad of ways. Best of all, you can also tweet an animation as a GIF for extra laughs.

 Best Selfie apps - Lava Iris X5


Frontback is a camera app unlike any other. What it does is use the front as well as the rear camera and lay both the images on top of each other to some really interesting photographs. The idea being that you are taking a picture of yourself as well as whatever it is that you are looking at. It’s a really creative concept that takes a regular selfie to a fun and exciting arena.

Best Selfie apps - Lava Iris X5

Every selfie lover should definitely take these apps out for a spin. Not just that, but they should also head over to the Google Play Store and search for new and interesting apps that they can use to take selfies. Time to shoot yourself with Iris X5.


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