Top 3 Online Shopping Apps for your Lava Smartphone


The E-commerce sector in India is growing exponentially and it goes hand in hand with the rise of smart devices. Why make the effort of going to a brick and mortar shop where you can only choose from those products that the shop owner has in stock. With online shopping, you have a wide range of choices and the best part is that since competition is so fierce, you can get some pretty good deals if you search multiple sites.

Now anyone anywhere can order anything and have it delivered to their home within a day or so. It is this ease and simplicity that is changing the way humans purchase things.

As mentioned earlier, the E-commerce sector is extremely competitive and as such, nearly all of them have released an app on Android so as to facilitate buyers into buying products from them. So here are the top 3 must have online shopping apps for the Lava smartphone user.


Flipkart is arguably the biggest online retailer in India and its official app is just as good as you expect it to be. The app is easy to use and offers almost all the features you would find on the desktop site including all the payment modes. The app also provides alerts on great deals with substantial discounts, every day. Flipkart regularly updates its app which is always a good thing.

Lava Smartphone App



The official Amazon app is a pretty slick app and gives you access to the global retail giants vast collection of products. It has all the features you would expect from the desktop site and runs smoothly with no hiccups what so ever. This is also a regularly updated app and hence gets a lot of kudos. There is a separate app for tablets which is a great touch for those of us who like their screen a bit bigger.

Lava Smartphone App



Like all other official apps in this list, the Snapdeal app is a joy to use thanks to the excellent user interface. The product ordering process is quite simple and easy and offer the same payment methods as you would find on the desktop site.  Users can track deals and offers from nearby areas with the help of the application and at the same time benefit from all-India deals as well.

Lava Smartphone App


Now you can easily shop anything, anytime and from anywhere using Lava Smartphones,

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