Top 3 Expense Tracker Apps for your Lava Smartphone


Keeping track of expenses in this busy life can be a bit cumbersome. With relationships, jobs, business tours and parties to worry about, it is a blessing that you have an app to keep a record of your finances. With the advancement of technology, you can now keep track of your expenses right on your smartphone with the help of various expense tracker apps.

The top 3 apps that you can use for this purpose on your android powered Lava Smartphones are:



This app is a must have for people who travel or move to new places frequently. It keeps a semi-automated record of cash expenses, credit card expenses and bank account transactions. It also features a SmartScan function which works on the optical character recognition technology.This function is extremely useful for scanning receipts and to note data. Expensify even helps in tracking time or mileage. The app also creates and synchronises all the reports for providing a crystal clear image of your financial situation.

Expensify works efficiently even when you have no data pack and when your mobile is on flight mode. But, the feature that really makes this app really great is the worldwide currency support. The app includes automatic currency conversion feature which comes in very handy for people who travel a lot.

Download the app here,

Expensify_1 Expensify_2 Expensify_3



Daily Expense Manager

Daily Expense Manager provides a great tool for recording your day to day expenditures and income. It even allows you to segregate your incomes and expenses into different categories and subcategories. The app also allows the users to set a budget for different categories. The vibrant colour scheme of the app provides a brilliant user interface and makes the app fun to use.

Daily Expense Manager also generates and emails the reports to your mail id in PDF or excel formats which facilitate easy data recovery. You can also set up a strong password to keep your data secure from other parties.

Download the app here,





This is the best app on the android market for sharing bills and IOUs between roommates and colleagues and ensuring that everyone gets paid back. The app allows the users to track expenses, spending trends and set up e-mail reminders.

Download the app here,

Splitwise_0 Splitwise_1 Splitwise_2



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