Top 3 Calorie Counter Apps for Your Lava Smartphone


Who wouldn’t want to lose weight and achieve that perfectly toned body? Sadly though, it is easier said than done. Everyone wants that perfect physique, but there are hardly any people who are ready to work hard for it. The thing is, that if you want to look good, there are a few compromises that you’ll have to make starting your appetite and diet.

You can’t expect to miraculously lose 20 kilos in a month and become the hunk/diva that you so desire to be. You need to stop hogging on junk food, follow a diet plan and religiously stick to your exercise regime in order to achieve this and well; doing all that is no easy task.

But the good news is that with the advancement of technology, there are many Android apps available to you these days, which can help you in achieving the  body of your desires. So, in this blog we’re going to tell you about the top three calorie counter apps that you can get on your Android powered Lava Smartphones


My Fitness Pal




  • This app focuses on food and exercise and is a complete fitness tool
  • The app requires you to enter all the information related to your age, height and weight.  It also asks you if you wish to gain, reduce or maintain your weight. Once you’re done, the app helps you accordingly
  • Apart from counting your calories, the app also tells you how much physical activity you must do to achieve your desired result
  • The app allows you to connect with other friends and apps just like lose it and it depicts your calorie intake in a graphical format
  • It breaks down the food you eat and helps you determine the components of your diet
  • The app can also track food by scanning the bar code on its packaging



Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker


  • This app is one of the best diet tracker apps because apart from doing all that the previously mentioned apps can do, this one also has a voice feature. Just say “one chocolate donut and cheese burst pizza” and this app will record the calories from that meal
  • Like My Fitness Pal, this app also features a barcode scanner so that it can record exact nutrients of packaged foods as well
  • You can also add exercise goals in it, like ‘cycle for a mile’ or ‘jog for an extra half mile’ and then check them off as you accomplish them
  • The app not only records your calorie intake but also records how well you stick to your goals


My Diet Diary Calorie Counter




  • My Diet Diary is the simplest app that helps you lose weight and track your food calories
  • The app provides a full summary of what you eat and how many calories you consume and burn
  • It offers a journal to track your daily exercise and calories burned
  • Daily detailed diary to track your overall progress and ways to improve
  • All the data is presented in easy to read graphical formats
  • The app also gives you reminders so that you don’t deviate from your diet and exercise schedule
  • Provides daily diets and nutrition tips
  • Body Mass Index Calculator


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