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This week, we have a threesome of awesome apps for you to choose from. We have apps that are sure to excite home cooks, a weather app and an excellent utility app that has made its way from the desktop to your pocket. Use these on your Lava Iris X1 and make your smartphone experience even better

Allthecooks Recipes

Allthecooks Recipes gives you access to a number of awesome recipes that can be cooked by almost anyone. The instructions are quite straight forward and can be understood by anyone. The app is well designed and it is easy to navigate and find recipes quickly. There is also a social scene in which you can choose to follow people and see what all they are cooking. It’s a must have for home cooks and foodies.


LAVA mobiles apps



With the weather as it is, you need a weather app. 1Weather is one such app that you have to try out. It has almost every type of forecasting tool you will need. It also a very pretty app that makes it a joy to use and the weather information is easy to read. You should definitely check it out, especially with the unpredictability of this monsoon season.


lava android apps



CCleaner is a name that many of you may already be familiar with. CCleaner still does the same thing that it did on the desktop and that is help you manage your devices storage. It’s very simple and straight forward app that is extremely helpful and a must have for all. It can stop unnecessary background tasks and help you uninstall apps that you no longer use. It’s a must have for everyone.

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