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Aviate App Launcher


The beauty of Android OS is the level of customisability it offers. Since its inception Android has been the choice of people who want a little more control over how their smartphone UI looks and operates. While stock Android has become quite customisable and easy to use in its own right, there are several app launchers available in the Google Play Store which can give you the power you crave over your phone’s user interface.

Here we have three of the very best app launchers that you can download on your Android smartphone –

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher for Your Android Smartphone

One of the ruling elites among the Android Launchers, the Nova Launcher has been around for quite a while. It has moved strengths to strengths with each release. The launcher is available in both free and paid versions. The good thing here is that even the free version comes loaded with features and most users will not feel the compulsion to go for the prime version.

The truly wonderful thing about Nova Launcher is that it rarely if ever slows down, and the UI transitions feel like a part of the Android ecosystem. Add to that the ability to change, rename and edit individual icons and backgrounds, setting various custom gestures for launching apps and features, and you have a launcher which can transform the way you use your smartphone.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher for your Android Mobile

As the name suggests it is one of the best android launchers on Google Play Store and allows a good deal of customisation and also includes an app notifier which can push notifications to individual apps. Apex Launcher also come with a tablet mode which allows Android tablet users to customise their home screens in landscape mode.

The Apex launcher also has two versions, one is free and the other is paid. Buying the paid version unlocks extra features but most users will be satisfied with the free experience.

Aviate Launcher

Aviate App Launcher

This is one of the more unique approaches to the Android Launcher customisation. Developed by Yahoo, the Aviate launcher has a solid development base and utilises contextual awareness and swipe gestures to arrange your apps and widgets.

One of the coolest features of Aviate launcher is its ability to detect your home and office location (once you grant the necessary permissions ofcourse) and then offer apps that you use when at those locations. Aviate also simplifies tasks like weather checks, setting alarms and turning on and off Android’s toggle features.

If you have been using the stock Android launcher since buying an Android Phone, try out these smart launchers and many more available on the Google Play Store. Most of these launchers require a newer version of Android for all their functions to be enabled. If your smartphone is showing its age, you can check out the great new lineup of Android phones by Lava Mobiles.

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