Top 3 Android Apps of the Week


Each week, we’ll round up the top three apps that you can download on your Lava Android Smartphones. These are some of the best and highly rated apps that a smartphone user must have and should experience. Basically, just about anything and everything that may come up and that we at Lava Mobiles like.


Android App: Agent

Agent is a free application that acts like a personal assistant. Unlike Google Now or Siri where you have to ask them questions, Agent is a more subtle assistant that works in the background without the need to be activated. It attempts to learn your habits such as the time you usually sleep or drive or so forth. It can also help you remember where you have parked your car. There are a ton of options that users can tinker with to fine tune the app to your liking. Having Agent on your devices is like having a personal assistant who monitors your devices while you get things done.Now make your Lava Android Smartphone a intellectual personal assistant you can brag about!

Android App Agent



Android App 2: Word Search Puzzles

What’s life without some fun Puzzles! Puzzle games are a dime a dozen in the Google Play Store, but word search puzzles is rated by Lava as one of the best. The app aims to add something different to the mix and that is the fact that it is a free game that doesn’t bombard players with in-app advertisements. While it is a free game you can buy more puzzle packs if you want to. It allows you to have:

  • Different themes and categories for your different moods
  • Stretch your vocabulary with a “Vocab Challenge” puzzle
  • Infinite, unlimited play with random puzzles
  • Tablet support
  • Replay categories to beat your own high-score

Word Search Puzzles


This app works on a Lava smartphone without much memory usage and keeps the phone processor utilization to the minimum.


Android App 3: Link Bubble

Multitasking is at its best with this app on the Lava Smartphone. Link Bubble is an interesting and innovative application that helps the user to handle web links a little more easily. While generally when you click on a link in another app such as the ones you find on social media, it opens the link on your web browser which covers the entire screen. Link bubble opens the app on a small bubble at the side of the screen which lets you continue to use your app. Once the web page is loaded, the bubble expands to fill the entire screen.  After that, it is quite easy to share the content with other apps, load in your preferred browser or close it and return to the previous app. You can also move the minimized bubbles around like you can do with Facebook’s chat heads.

There are two versions of Link Bubbles available on the Google Play Store. A free version that supports only one tab and a paid version called Link Bubble Pro worth Rs. 299.99 that can support multiple tabs.

These apps are the perfect companion for your Lava Iris Pro phone, try these out and let us know what you think of them.

Link Bubble

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