How to Capture Perfect Selfies with Lava Iris X1 Selfie

Lava Iris X1 Selfie

Whether you go for duck faced smirks or the coyly suggestive close-ups, selfies have become a trend and are here to stay!



Now, you can click perfect selfies instantly with the Lava Iris X1 Selfie . The Smartphone sports an 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera, both loaded with powerful LED flash. The cameras have multiple capture modes and also have inbuilt beauty-fi software for face slimming, skin smoothing, eye widening and skin whitening.

Here are a few tips that will help you capture perfect selfies, instantly!

Lighting is everything

According to professional photographers, there’s nothing worse than having a ghastly shadow over your face. Facing towards the light source and having a soft stream of sunlight, automatically illuminates the subtle features of your face and makes your selfies look all the more serene and beautiful. But now with the Iris X1 Selfie you won’t necessarily have to stand next to a window or get outside to use natural light as the front camera of the device has LED flash that enables you to click bright pictures even in low light settings.

Background check

The best selfies are the ones which either have interesting backgrounds or no backgrounds at all. Try to avoid messy or chaotic backgrounds that steal the focus away from you.

With Iris X1 Selfie’s one step shortcut to the camera, now you don’t have to worry about missing on any creative background.

Strike a pose

While taking selfies try to go with a pose that actually represents your current mood or situation as it will add a certain artistic meaning to your selfies and will also help to portray your persona better.

Try to find the perfect angle by tilting your phone 45 degrees and placing it right above your eye-line. Doing this will avoid ambiguous shadows and double chins in your selfies and will make you look all the more attractive.

Edits and Filters

There’s no shame in using filters and other enhancements to really make your selfies pop out. Any serious selfie freak will immediately start to edit and use filters to enhance their selfies. With the new Iris X1 Selfie, you need not install any third party editors and filters in your phone as it incorporates Beauty-Fi software which makes all your clicks look more beautiful.

 BE yourself

The most important thing to remember for selfie lovers is to be yourself and not over think it. A forced looking selfie will never get the same attention as a flawlessly casual one and that is a fact you can definitely bank on.

With add-on features like, voice control photo capture methods which assist in clicking pictures by saying ‘Capture’ or ‘Cheese’ and Tap to Capture feature which allows users to focus and click images with a ‘single tap’, Iris X1 Selfie is definitely the perfect smartphone to click selfies.


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