Tips to keep Your Smartphone Away From Mishap

protect your smartphone

protect your smartphone

In this digital era, the latest mobile phones are powerful enough to serve the purpose of a laptop. They have become an essential part of our daily life. However, with increasing dependency on our smartphones, it’s vital to secure your device from viruses, spyware and data theft. Along with protecting your data and information from cybersecurity threats, protecting your phone from general mishaps is equally important. We all have been through that minor heart-attack when our phone has just missed a slip or has got its screen cracked.

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Let’s look at 

Best Ways of Protecting our Smartphones:

External Security:

Whenever walking out in rain, don’t forget to keep your smartphone in a zip-lock pouch, even if it is a waterproof phone. It will keep your smartphone safe from moisture. Just make sure that there is nothing else kept in the pouch to avoid scratches and inside of the pouch is completely dry. Never keep your phone bare: Always try to use a full-coverage phone cover for your smartphone to keep it safe in any condition and use screen guard or tempered glass to avoid spending a huge amount in screen replacements.

Also, if you see your cell phone overheating, put it in a cool and dry place. Try to keep it away from direct sunlight. Do not use it when it is overheated or if the surface is too hot to touch.

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Internal Security:

Always install a password manager app for your device. It will assist you with the task of setting up a strong password and saves you from any kind of security breach. If you are security conscious, just install anti-virus in your smartphone.

If you left your phone somewhere, nowadays there is an option of “Find my Phone” available on many smartphones. Most, important is to keep the location services of your device turned on. Always keep it enabled to “find your phone”, in case it’s lost. Also, with the help of your Google account, you can easily track your device and lock the screen. To secure it just follow these simple steps here. You can even install a remote lock and locate apps, these apps will let you lock, locate, wipe or permanently disable your smartphone remotely in case of any theft.

These practices mentioned above serves as a basic step to secure your device. The field is extremely vast, so keep doing your bit and stay protected!

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