Interesting Methods to Click Amazing Photos in Rain

LAVA Smartphones Camera

LAVA Smartphones Camera


At the point when dark clouds roll in and rain begins falling, the vast majority of us keep running for cover, however many photographers run to grab their cameras. What’s so extraordinary about rain? Without a doubt, it can make things look grim, yet it can make familiar scenes look new in a number of ways. Not only does rain change the scene, yet it likewise changes the manner in which individuals look. Those water droplets can be the most enchanting way to change a decent photograph into an incredible one.

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Let’s have a look at some

Amazing Tips to Take Better Photos in Rain:

  • Focus on raindrops falling on a glass pane, instead of looking for a suitable Instagram filter.

Raindrops can make anything look pretty, be it a landscape, people, an everyday street, and what not. You just need to play with the focus to get that perfect shot of blurred surroundings or subject.

  • Don’t miss those reflections in small puddles with water.

They give perfect reflections. Use these reflections along with the moving vehicles, people, and buildings to create an interesting perspective. Do not stop yourself from going a little low for the best angle.

  • Include the umbrella in your picture.

Actually, your own umbrella can be a perfect object to frame your scene. They are, in fact, often the light source for a rainy scene. Hence, the clouds are bright and the scene below is dark. Use the umbrella to cover up the too-bright clouds and your scene can suddenly look much better exposed. Also, the roads full of people walking around with umbrellas in monsoon is the best colorful shot in rains. This, contrasted with darker surroundings, would create a very professional picture.

  • Heavy rains often distort the paintings, images, even walls and surroundings.

This distortion can be beautifully captured with the help of metallic surfaces to create an abstract photo. Don’t try too hard to capture the real appearance of the subject but rather how it looks distorted.


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