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On this World Environment Day what are you doing to help in its conservation? With the increasing number of challenges that our environment faces on a daily basis, it has become even more important to answer this question.

The major environmental damage that we face in the current scenario is due to e-waste. With so many companies spending truckloads of money to make sure that we have the latest electronic gadgets, it’s no wonder that so many of us are buying new products without giving a single thought to what happens to the old ones. Most of the times these highly toxic electronic items are not disposed properly which is not only dangerous for the environment but also for the people living around it. In spite of knowing about such adverse effects, people prefer dumping them off unceremoniously

In spite of knowing about such adverse effects, people prefer dumping them off unceremoniously into landfills rather than doing it properly. These e-wastes includes a lot of things including broken computer screen, TVs, kitchen & lab equipment, cables, phones, etc. The heavy metal presence in these equipment is cancerous to our wellbeing and that is why it is even more critical for us to take the responsibility and take steps to ensure that we don’t cause any more harm to our environment.

The good news is that it is easy to dispose of e-waste. All it requires is a little bit of effort on our part. Following are the tips on e-waste disposal-

Following are the tips on e-waste disposal-

  • Go for greener products. Before buying check out whether companies offer products that are energy efficient.
  • Re-use the whole unit or the partial unit depending upon the usability. Donate it to someone who is in need.
  • Recycling is the way to go. Use services of certified e-waste recycler as far as possible for all your e-waste recycling. In case you don’t find one check out your local municipalities, most of them offer recycling services.
  • Attend e-waste management program that are conducted by different companies and government. They help us in becoming more aware about how to handle these electronic goods.

In the end, it is our responsibility to ensure that our old products get recycled properly and do not end up causing more harm than good.

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