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Google’s brand new Android 4.4 Kitkat OS is now available to everyone thanks to excellent devices like the Lava Iris X1 and the Lava Magnum X604. As with every new upgrade, Google has updated a lot of features and added a couple of new things to their OS. Here are the top 3 new features that you can use with the latest Android version.

LAVA Magnum X604


Advanced File Picker

With Kitkat, Google introduced a brand new file picker that supports integration with Google Drive as well as with other cloud based systems.  This makes the whole process of picking files much easier. You can also use it to pick files from your internal and external memory card directly. All you need to do is enable full storage access. To do this, go to the file picker’s settings from its menu and enable the option called ‘Display advanced devices’. After enabling this option, you will see options for internal as well as external storage. Just tap that and you have access to all the files in your device.

Easier to Switch the Default Launcher

Android Kitkat now supports third party launchers. There is a new ‘Home’ option in the ‘Settings’ menu that lets you select the default launcher. You can know select the default launcher for things like the SMS and so forth.

Process Stats

With Android being so popular with developers, Google has added a new way for developers to see what’s going on beneath the surface. Android 4.4 Kitkat has a ‘Process Stats’ screen that comes under ‘Developer Options’. It shows you all sorts of usage statistics all background, foreground as well as cached processes. You can choose to have a custom duration for the stats, show or hide system processes as well as toggle the display of the different types of stats.


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