Tips and Tricks for The Lava Iris win 1


The Windows Phone 8.1 OS that powers the brand new lava Iris win 1, is a bit different from the Android OS that powers most of our Iris devices. While Windows Phone may be number three in the overall race to be the most popular OS in the world, it has plenty of tips and tricks up its sleeve that make the other operating systems jealous.

Lava Iris win 1


The thing with most mapping and navigation services is that they need to be connected to the internet for it to work. However, most places in India don’t have good connectivity and if you get lost in these places, the point of having maps on your phone is lost. With Windows Phone, you can download entire maps to the phone and use them even when you aren’t connected to the internet.  Just go to ‘Settings’ and then go to ‘Maps’ and you can down load maps for your city, area, country or even the whole continent.

Reply with a quick text

Ignoring a call is considered a little rude, so Windows Phone lets you reply to the caller with a message that lets them know why you can’t answer their calls. You can use one of the pre set messages or create one for yourself.

Link your contacts

The People Hub is the place where your contacts are stored, all of them. So you can link the phone numbers of people with their Facebook accounts, Skype Ids and their twitter accounts as well. So all the information you need to know about a person will be stored in one single place.

Put your own image as the background

While Windows Phone 8.1 may not offer wallpaper due to its unique Tile interface, you can put up an image in the background of the tiles. Simply go to ‘Settings’ and from there go to ‘Start+Theme’. There you will get the option to put up a background photograph. You will need to crop it a bit to fit the start screen but the results will be worth it. It will put an image behind your main menu with the tiles acting like little windows.

The ‘Sense’ apps

Microsoft offers three apps called battery sense, Wi-Fi sense and data sense. Battery sense lets you know which apps use up the most amount of battery and also lets you control the battery saver option. Wi-Fi Sense tracts which Wi-Fi networks are in the area and let you connect with them automatically if they are open.  Data Sense lets you track how much data you are using and lets you limit it if you reach a certain amount. Very useful for those with limited network data and don’t want to pay money for going over their limit.

Try out the tricks on your Lava Iris win 1 today,

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