The New 4G Mobile Meant for Gamers – Lava Z93 Price and Features




New smartphones today offer you a wide range of features to suit different personality types, hobbies, and lifestyles. Some 4G mobile phones are built for those who are working on their phones and have shifted entirely from their laptops, some are designed for people who are interested in photography, and these new smartphones are big on camera specifications. However, there is one niche, one segment of the market many new smartphones fail to cater to gamers.

That’s where Z93 comes in. The Lava Z93 price isn’t the only talking point about the new smartphone, but the features it offers are far beyond extraordinary. Gamers who are looking for great processor speeds, stunning visuals, and reliable battery life can get it all at the affordable Lava Z93 price.

Some features of this new 4G mobile are listed below, along with the Lava Z93 price

  • Octa-Core Helio P22 2.0 GHz processor: Simply being positioned as a gaming device isn’t good enough. The device must stand up to that name, especially in terms of performance. The Z93 certainly does so with a powerful Octa-core processor so you can enjoy your gaming experience without facing any lags.
  • Smart AI Gaming Mode: This gaming mode further enhances your experience, offering you features that most new smartphones will not be able to offer to you. Certainly not in the Lava Z93 price range.
  • Collaboration with Gameloft: for Modern Combat 5
  • Stunning Display: To keep you hooked, the phone has a stunning 6.2″ screen with a Dew Drop Notch so you can immerse yourself and feel closer to the action than ever before.
  • For gamers who always want to stay charged, this new smartphone with a 10-watt Fast Charge gives you a full charge in just a few minutes.
  • Fingerprint Sensor and Face-Unlock: Do away with the old pin-and-pattern passwords and protect your data with your unique identity. With these features, never stay behind in the technology race.
  • Great Camera Quality: The Z93 isn’t just big on gaming, but also has a great camera. The stunning 13MP + 2MP Dual Rear Camera with f/1.8 lens ensures 25% brighter images in low light, which means you can bring out the photographer in you. Not just that, the phone has an AI Photo Studio mode that offers you 6 stunning lighting effects that you can use to bring your pictures to life.
  • The Lava Z93 price is just Rs. 7,999/-

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