The Lava Z51 – Smart Face Unlock

Lava Z51

Lava Z51 Smartphone

A big battery smartphone under 5000, the Z51 is definitely one phone you should consider. Its features like the smart face unlock real-time Bokeh mode and much more definitely puts it on the list of the ‘best phone under 5000’ category.

Mentioned below are some of the features of the smartphone along with the Lava Z51 price.

Smart Face Unlock
One of the first smartphones in this price segment to offer you 0.3 second Smart Face Unlock. Because you too, deserve the latest and the best.

All Eyes on You
The smartphone breaks the long going tradition of single colour phones and comes in a stunning, eye-catching Sapphire Green gradient finish. This finish is bound to make heads turn. Needless to say, the phone says “All Eyes on You”. Even at the Lava Z51 price, you can get a premium-looking phone that makes heads turn.

Real-Time Bokeh Mode with Front Flash
Looking at the Lava Z51 price, you might think that the phone would somewhere lack some quality when it comes to its camera. However, that is not the case, the smartphone comes with a 5MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera, both of which come with an LED flash to light up your pictures even in low light and bring your best side out. But that’s not all, the smartphone offers you a Real-time Bokeh Mode. This Bokeh mode helps you blur out the background in the pictures you take in real-time so you can stand out by adding depth of field.

Extra Space for an Interesting Life
Even the best phone under 5000 can’t give you the storage the Lava Z51 does. It has a 16GB inbuilt memory that can be extended up to a whopping 128GB. What does that mean? Its means no more do you have to worry about deciding on what to keep on your smartphone and what to delete. So go ahead, download all the apps you want, store all your pictures and music in this big battery smartphone under 5000, after all, it’s nice to keep them all!

Full View 18:9 Display
With 18:9 Full View Display, you get nothing less than the full experience, whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or clicking pictures.

Android 8.1 (Go Edition)
The Z51 comes preinstalled with the Android 8.1 (Go Edition) that gives it an edge over other smartphones when it comes to storage. With many lite versions of apps already installed on the phone, you can work on the phone with ease without any lag. The Go edition is comprised of three optimized areas — the operating system, Google Play Store, and Google apps — which have been reimagined to provide a better experience on lesser hardware. Therefore, it makes the perfect fit for the Z51. Besides this, the OS provides you with an AI Battery, which is a Smart Power Management system. This means that the system automatically detects what apps running in the background have been draining the battery of the phone and have been inactive for a while, and shuts them down.

Price: Rs. 4,099/-
The Lava Z51 price is the main reason why this smartphone is worth considering when you’re looking for the best phone under 5000. You might think that the price means that the smartphone compromises on some aspect, but it doesn’t.

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