The Harder the Battle The Sweeter the Victory


1st July

Final: Xolo Pd vs. UPB

Lava International ltd-Football Tournament

The two strongest teams in Lava, Xolo Product and UPB, reached the final. Both these teams came into the match with different approaches to their games. The key players for both sides were firing on all cylinders and the match had a lot of promise. The match began as a closely contested game, but slowly and surely the momentum started shifting towards Xolo Pd. As they began to see more of the ball, the team began to assert control on the match. This control was soon converted into goals and Xolo Pd ran out 4-0 winners. Along with the trophy for winning the tournament, there were more trophies waiting for Xolo Pd, with Paramjeet Singh winning the Golden Boot for being the highest scorer in the tournament with 8 goals. Great football was played, great goals were scored and in the end the team that played free-flowing football won the tournament.

We sign off here with Xolo Pd being crowned the champions of ICS Futsal Tournament 2014.


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