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It is quite obvious now that the selfie craze is here to stay. So much so in fact that we have already launched a selfie centric phone that is specifically designed for taking selfies. However, many people think that selfies are nothing more than just a showcase of the narcissistic tendencies of the modern human being due to the influence of media and other negative aspects. These are the same guys who are never invited for parties or any other social meeting that would generally involve fun.

What these guys don’t realise is that selfies are more than just a pretty picture taken of yourself. Many developers and entrepreneurs have already taken advantage of the selfies craze and have thought of ways that selfies can help you out.

Stylists and fashion websites are already using the power of selfies to provide fashion advice to people. That is awesome since all you need to do is take a selfie and professionals will be able to offer advice on clothing and grooming and a lot more. In fact, a lot of online clothing store, offers personalised shopping tips to users who use their hashtags to tag their selfies.

Lava iris X5-made for selfies

Selfies could also be the next step in security. Many people can now use the face unlock feature on their Android phones to unlock their smart phones. All they need to do is take a selfie and computer algorithms can determine if the face is the same as that of the registered user and then unlock the phone.

Lava Iris X5-made for selfies

Selfies can also help out with medicine. Instead of making an expensive trip to the doctor, people can now just send a picture of the afflicted section to their family doctor for an initial assessment. ‘Telemedicine’ as it is known as, is already quite popular and ophthalmologists have already used close up pictures of the eye for real time diagnosis.

Lava iris X5-made for selfies

These are just a small section of the ways a selfie will change the way we look and think about ourselves and the people around us. It will make technology a bit more personal instead of generic as it is right now. Your gadgets and devices will recognise you and will do things based on your personal preferences and likes. Feel free to tell that to anyone who says that selfies are pointless.


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