The Epic Launch of the Google Play Store 5.0




The latest revamp in the Material Design reinvention series is Google’s Play Store, version 5.0.31 to be exact. There are a number of changes that have been made in design and appeal along with a few changes in functionality as well.

Screenshot- Google Play Store, Older Version               Screenshot- Google Play Store, New Version
Here’s a run through of all that’s new under Google Play Store’s hood:

1. The Play Store icon
Giving the icon a flatter look, Google has continued the trend of its new iconography. What a flatter design means is that the icon is less 3-D looking and is devoid of that shadow you could see earlier. The evolution of the Play Store icon has been recorded by one of Google’s engineers with the 5.0 icon falling in line with the Material Design guidelines.

2. The What’s New section
There was a time you had to squint real hard to find the ‘What’s New’ option when viewing an app. In the latest version of the Play Store, Google has strategically made it visible. The internet seems to think it’s a metaphor for Google’s own experiments with the new and upcoming. Nevertheless, clicking on the ‘What’s New’ button leads to an expanded menu that displays valuable information such as the developer’s name, size, date of release, last update and version number. Having the ‘What’s New’ section up there makes the Play Store all the more user-friendly.

3. The ‘Hamburger’ button
One of the biggest changes in the Play Store is the all-new ‘Hamburger’ slider menu. Taking the category icon out of play, the ‘hamburger’ button is placed on to the left and has a bigger interface. On opening it, the options at the top are now in the form of gray system icons while the options at the bottom are just text, as opposed to the icons they were earlier.

4. Overall look and feel
The Play Store really pops and looks all jazzed up with the use of vibrant, bold colors which are a part of the Material Design palette. The color scheme set up at the landing page of the app continues to run through its sub-categories. For instance, the red color of the Movies & TV category continues into the category’s inner interface.

The new Play Store is set to hit all devices gradually. Don’t forget to update on your Lava Android smart phone.

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