Know All About the Latest Android Oreo (Go Edition)

Latest Android Oreo (Go Edition) Features

Latest Android Oreo (Go Edition) Features


Android Oreo Go Edition fine tunes performance & usability of devices with specific hardware configurations. It comes with Google Play Store installed, but it pushes apps designed for Go or those that operate best on it, to the forefront. You can still install all regular Android apps though, so there are no restrictions in place.

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There’s a suite of Go Edition apps installed, including special versions of Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube. The Files Go app helps you to organize internal storage, which optimizes Android Go’s performance and usability. The Go Edition apps, along with Android Go itself, take up less space on the phone. Android Go also has a data manager to control network usage, Google Play Protect to stay secure, and the promise of software updates in the future.


Think of a relatively recent Android feature and you’ll find it there, even ones you probably didn’t expect to see:

Latest Android Oreo Features List:

  • Customizable Quick Settings
  • Search bar in Settings
  • Notification channels and permission management for apps
  • Notification snoozing
  • Do not disturb controls
  • Direct Share
  • Smart Lock
  • Autofill API and apps
  • Smart Lock for Passwords
  • Nearby
  • Find my device
  • Google Play Instant Apps
  • Work profiles
  • Backup and restore, including app data
  • Developer options (tap repeatedly on Build number in Settings, as usual)
  • Double tap on Overview button to switch to the previous app
  • Double tap on the power button to jump to the camera, even when the device is locked.


There are some pros & cons in this edition, but overall, we can say that it is beneficial for the users looking for an affordable smartphone with the latest version of the software.

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