Top 3 Food Ordering Apps for Your Lava Smartphone

The flood of youngsters coming into big cities for education and corporate jobs has ensured exponential rise in the food industry. Due to this reason food delivery segment of this industry has also witnessed unprecedented growth. This rise in the food industry when paired with an equally sharp rise in smartphones and app stores, led read more


Top 3 Calorie Counter Apps for Your Lava Smartphone

Who wouldn’t want to lose weight and achieve that perfectly toned body? Sadly though, it is easier said than done. Everyone wants that perfect physique, but there are hardly any people who are ready to work hard for it. The thing is, that if you want to look good, there are a few compromises that read more


Top 3 Language Translator Apps for Your Lava Smartphone

Learning a new language is no piece of cake and it takes years of practice to become truly fluent and comfortable with a new language. So, what do you do if you suddenly have to go for a trip to China and you can’t even tell the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin? With the advancement read more


Top 3 Expense Tracker Apps for your Lava Smartphone

Keeping track of expenses in this busy life can be a bit cumbersome. With relationships, jobs, business tours and parties to worry about, it is a blessing that you have an app to keep a record of your finances. With the advancement of technology, you can now keep track of your expenses right on your smartphone read more


Top 3 Mobile Recharge Apps for your Lava Smartphone

One of the most annoying things in the modern world can be to stand in queues. Especially the ones we encounter when we are trying to pay our bills. However, with the advent of the internet and online banking, those days are more or less long gone. This combined with the smartphones , has made read more


Top 3 Travel Apps for your Lava Smartphone

There’s no reason to sit home and get bored this winter when there are new beaches, slopes, sports, and festivals to discover. It’s time to step out and spend some quality time with your family and friends in an entirely new place. With technology offering so many cool new solutions to people for practically all their needs read more


Top 3 Apps for Windows 8

  With the new Lava Iris win 1, you’ve got an amazing new specification that sets this phone apart from all the other ones – the operating system is Windows 8.1. So, let’s take a look at three amazing apps that you can use on this new phone: Flipboard Flipboard is one of the most read more


Top 3 Online Music Streaming Apps for your Lava Smartphone

The days of carrying your music on your smart phone is considered passé. Now, with the speed you get with 3G internet, you can simply stream all the music directly from the internet without the need to carry songs wherever you go. This will not only help you save a ton of space on your read more