Innovations in Smartphone technology

  In the current day and age, smart phones are, without a doubt, the most innovative piece of technology that we have. So much so, it’s not surprising to buy a brand new phone and see it replaced by a new model within a few months. Smart phones are constantly featuring new and exciting innovations read more


Top 3 Budget Phones in June by Lava

Lava Mobiles are most notable for offering well priced devices at a price that seems too good to be true. Most other smartphones in the market with more or less the same features or priced much higher which makes it even more impressive that Lava managed to keep their prices down without compromising on quality. read more


Lava Iris X1 TVC

Have you ever been mesmerized?? Have you ever come across a situation when you are so awestruck by the looks of something that you forget the rest of the happenings within your vicinity??   Well Lava’s latest Iris X1 is the perfect example which helps one define terms like mesmerize, beauty, looks, technology & aesthetics. read more