Tips to counter fake news. #senditback

Fake news has proved to become a matter of global concern over the course of the last few years. The spread of fake news has resulted in situations of violence and chaos across India. In 2019, the spread of fake news was instrumental in the perpetuation of misinformation across India. ‘Fake news’ is a term read more

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How to identify the fake news? #Senditback

In the last few years, fake news has proved to be a social media epidemic. Fake news refers to the deliberate spread of misinformation through both traditional and digital forms of media. The issue of fake news is extremely problematic as its spread has resulted in great chaos and violence. It has been known to read more

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Looking for a Low Price 4G Mobile Phone?

Good low price 4G mobile phones are hard to come by, many phones in the market are positioned as the best android phone under 10000, but they often leave you with an underwhelming experience because of the lack of features. Lava presents the Blaze NXT and smartphone from their Z-Series. The Lava Z-series does have read more


Latest Features Offered by 4G Mobile Phones

WAP was one of the best things, when mobile phones got the internet. As we know that firstly 2G was launched, then it was 3G and nowadays it is 4G; which has become one of the best-selling networks in smartphones. Using a 4G mobile phones on version 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network, means that read more

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How are the latest 4G Smartphones different from 3G Phones?

In the mobile telecom industry, we often hear about the terms 3G and 4G even 5G. But we get confused exactly what are they and how they are different from each other? The major difference between 3G and 4G is the data speed. G is stands for Generation, like 3G and 4G network smartphones which read more


How to use your 4G Mobile Phone in India?

Smartphones are no longer for communicating only, rather it is being used for much more. They have become better and smarter. The companies have an increased focus on digital businesses with the usage of 4G smartphones platform, instead of a PC or a laptop. The 4G mobile phones, saves a lot of time since we read more

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How 4G Mobile Phones Have Moved Us Towards a Digital India

The Indian government’s initiatives of moving the country’s economy towards a digital future is laudable and a visionary step. Going digital saves a lot of hassle for all parties involved in an economic transaction. It also saves time and allows tasks, that would normally require a visit to an office, to be performed on-the-go. Smartphones read more