Summertime Sadness: How to Use your Smartphone to Avoid the Outdoors

Beat the summer heat by using your smartphone


Indian summers have lost their charm in the last decade or so. It used to be a benign time to enjoy holidays and plan Summer trips. But in recent times the rising mercury levels in summers has had everyone scrambling for cover. The internet nowadays is full of memes and jokes about Indian summers.

beat the summer heat

One of he benefits of living in the 21st century is, staying home is no longer boring. You can beat the summer heat by using your smartphone. So, check out our list and stay cool!

Pair up with your TV and castmovies and games

Latest Android phones have a feature called Cast Screen. Casting lets you watch your favourite movies and TV shows and play mobile games on your TV screen, wirelessly. If you do not own a smart TV that supports this feature, buy Google Chromecast and you can convert any normal TV into a smart TV. So, just cast yourself on the couch this summer and enjoy your Hotstar and Netflixsubscriptions on your home theatre.

Play MMORPGs with your friends and enemies

Wondering what the imposing looking acronym means?It stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing games. If you and your friends love castle building and tower defence games, then there are a number of engrossing titles like Adventure Quest 3D, Arcane Legends, etc. on the Play Store. Download and install your favourite game and see the summers fly by.

Read books, magazines and more

Read books, magazines and more in the Smartphone

Probably the best way for beating the heat is to dive into your pocket library. With the Google Play Books app, you can literally browse through thousands of books and take digital subscriptions of your favourite magazines. As Tyrion Lannister will say “the mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone”. If you don’t know who that is, read. 😉

Stay watered, stay active

It’s not just your money plants that need watering in the excessive summer heat. Oftentimes we forget to keep our body hydrated during summers, which can leave you feeling dull and drowsy. But the one thing we donot forget is keeping our phones close by, all the time. Download apps like Waterbalance, Drink Water and Water Your Body, to add periodic reminders for having a watery refreshment every few hours.

Go experimenting in the kitchen

Go experimenting in the kitchen with help of your smartphone

Since you are home and have time to kill, you can try out new recipes to prepare some cool summer drinks and dishes. Check out apps like Tender, Epicurious Recipes, etc. and get going. Prepare smoothies and mocktails to go with your home movie sessions. Oh, and no need to step outside to buy the ingredients, just place your orders on BigBasket or Grofers and have everything home delivered.

Bring your gym home

Bring your gym home

Bunking gym class again because the weather outside feels like a baker’s galley? Well, you can do that or download some home training apps like Endomondo and Pocket Yoga to keep up your workout schedule. If you are a heavy lifter, you can use Amazon and Flipkart to get quality equipment for your home gym. And don’t forget to stay watered during workouts.

Pretty neat, eh? Do you use your smartphone to avoid going out in the heat? Let us know in the comments below.




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