Sony Exmor TM: The Game Changer in Smartphone Camera Tech

Smartphone Camera Technologies

Smartphone cameras today, have effectively replaced the pocket cameras. The primary reason behind this change is the evolution in camera technology. It is now possible to fit more powerful sensors within the compact designs of smartphones. Also, when we talk about fitting more powerful sensors – it also means that these cameras deliver a performance on par with dedicated point-and-click devices.

LAVA z25 camera quality


 Sony’s Exmor TM sensor is one of the most advanced camera tech available today. The Exmor TM RS for mobile, is a sensor designed specifically for mobile phone cameras. The Exmor TM RS is a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor. It is notable for its exceptional low-light performance and HDR features.

LAVA Z25 Brighter Images with F2.0 Aperture

Mobile Optimized Image Sensor

An image sensor is used for capturing light and converting it into digital signals. ExmorTM RS uses a CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor. The advantage of CMOS sensors is their excellent battery performance and relative price, making them ideal for use in smartphones.

Improved Low Light Performance

In back-illuminated camera sensors, the light entering the pixel section is not blocked by wiring and circuitry. Thus, an image captured with Exmor TM RS has significantly less noise and is brighter than the images captured with conventional CMOS sensors.

HDR Support for Photos and Videos

High Dynamic Range is an imaging technology that allows better image quality when clicking pictures against strong backlighting. An HDR image sensor clicks two simultaneous shots with different levels of exposure and clubs them together to produce a single optimized image.
Sony ExmorTMRS for mobile takes this technology a step further by allowing HDR video capture on your Android smartphones.

Compact Architecture

The ExmorTM RS rearranges conventional CMOS modules into a stacked structure, placing the supporting circuitry below the pixel section. This reduces the size of the imaging module significantly, allowing smartphone manufacturers to create slimmer devices without compromising on camera performance.
The Lava Z25 uses the ExmorTM technology for its primary camera, delivering greatly detailed pictures with minimum shutter lag. The Z25 has also been praised for its exceptional low light performance by industry experts. If you are looking for an Android smartphone with great camera in a sleek and stylish package, the Z25 can be the ideal choice for you. Click here to view more details about the Lava Z25.







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